Bearings & Bearing Sets

Ball Bearings

There's a Duratrax bearing to meet every need!

Duratrax bearings are available in standard and metric sizes. All sizes are sold in pairs; popular sizes are also available in 10-bearing tubes. Vehicle-specific sets are also available.

* Except double-shielded DTXC1501.

Standard Bearing Packages

Stock Number
Bearing Size 10-piece
Stock Number
DTXC14011/8 x 5/16n/a
DTXC14031/8 x 5/16 FlangedDTXC1405
n/a1/8 x 3/8DTXC1409
DTXC14115/32 x 5/16n/a
DTXC14133/16 x 5/16DTXC1415
DTXC14173/16 x 5/16 FlangedDTXC1419
DTXC14233/16 x 3/8DTXC1425
DTXC14291/4 x 3/8DTXC1431
DTXC14331/4 x 3/8 FlangedDTXC1435
DTXC14373/8 x 5/8n/a

Metric Bearing Packages

Stock Number
Bearing Size 10-piece
Stock Number
DTXC15012 x 6n/a
DTXC15033 x 6n/a
DTXC15053 x 6 Flangedn/a
DTXC15063 x 7n/a
DTXC15074 x 7n/a
DTXC15094 x 7 Flangedn/a
DTXC15114 x 8DTXC1513
DTXC15174 x 8 FlangedDTXC1519
DTXC15235 x 8DTXC1525
DTXC15275 x 8 FlangedDTXC1529
DTXC15315 x 9DTXC1533
DTXC15355 x 10DTXC1537
DTXC15415 x 10 FlangedDTXC1543
DTXC15475 x 11DTXC1549
DTXC15535 x 11 StainlessDTXC1555
DTXC15616 x 10DTXC1563
DTXC15656 x 10 FlangedDTXC1567
DTXC15696 x 12DTXC1571
DTXC15736 x 13n/a
DTXC15797 x 19n/a
DTXC15818 x 12n/a
DTXC15828 x 12 Flangedn/a
DTXC15838 x 14n/a
DTXC15858 x 16DTXC1587
DTXC159510 x 15n/a
DTXC159712 x 8n/a
DTXC160115 x 21n/a

Vehicle Bearing Sets

DTXC1109 B3, T3 (17)
DTXC1087 Nitro Stampede (8)
DTXC1096 EXT (14)

DTXC1087 Nitro Stampede® (8)
DTXC1113 Hawk, Sledgehammer (12)
DTXC1325 Rustler®, Stampede, Bandit™ (14)
DTXC1329 T-Maxx® (29)

DTXC1070 Clod Buster, Bullhead (20)
DTXC1087 King Cab (8)
DTXC1113 Super Blackfoot, Stadium Blitzer (12)

Associated Kits
DTXC1109 B3, T3 (17)
DTXC1349 Nitro Rush (14)

1/8 Scale
DTXC1375 1/8 Buggy & Truggy (18)

Note: Number in parentheses is the number of bearings in the set.
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