6V Receiver Packs

"Must have" receiver packs for nitro modelers.

6V 1400mAh NiMH Receiver Packs

All-new Duratrax technology makes these packs a great value for nitro car, truck and boat R/Cers.

Stock Numbers:
DTXM2012 NiMH 6.0V 1600mAh Hump Rx Univ Connector
DTXM2017 NiMH 6.0V 1600mAh Flat Rx Univ Connector
DTXM2021 NiMH 6.0V 1400mAh Stick Rx RC10GT/GP10 Univ Connector
DTXM2031 NiMH 6.0V 1400mAh Hump Rx Off-Road Univ Connector

Cell Size: 2/3A High Discharge
Number of Cells: 5
Rated Voltage: 6.0V

Fact Sheet