Product Manuals / Instructions

Downloads for discontinued products
PDF835B (7.9 MB)
PDF835E (6.4 MB)
PDFDX450 (2.5 MB)


PDFLi-24 Balancing Charger (417 KB)
PDFOnyx 110 Peak Charger (98 KB)
PDFOnyx 150 Peak Charger (376 KB)
PDFOnyx 200 Peak Charger (401 KB)
PDFOnyx 210 Peak Charger (488 KB)
PDFOnyx 225 Advanced Balancing Charger (253 KB)
PDFOnyx 235 Advanced Balancing Charger (199 KB)
PDFOnyx 240 Dual Charger (482 KB)
PDFOnyx 245 Dual Charger with Balancing (200 KB)

Speed Controls
PDFDE10 (178 KB) v2
PDFESC—15K (183 KB)
PDFIntelliSpeed AutoSport ESC (315 KB)
PDFIntelliSpeed AutoSport Fwd/Rev ESC (137 KB)
PDFIntelliSpeed 16T Mild-Mod Rev ESC (221 KB)
PDFIntelliSpeed 12T Modified Rev ESC (218 KB)
PDFIntelliSpeed 8T Racing Rev ESC (221 KB)
PDFSpeed Control Brushless 75A DX450 (259 KB)
PDFBody Repair Tape (17 KB)
PDFBrushless ESC Digital Programmer (155 KB)
PDFClutch Shoe Tool (190 KB)
PDFDeluxe Hauler Bag (342 KB)
PDFDX450 Steering Damper Set (164 KB)
PDFDX450 Steering Rod Set Pro/High Sensitivity (101 KB)
PDFDX450 Aluminum Front Shock Set Gold (202 KB)
PDFDXR500 Disc Brake Conversion Set Front (128 KB)
PDFDXR500 Fender Front/Rear PC (100 KB)
PDFDXR500 Fork Support Front (107 KB)
PDFDXR500 Motor Mount Aluminum (110 KB)
PDFDXR500 Rear Arm Aluminum (118 KB)
PDFDXR500 Shock Set Rear Oil Aluminum (120 KB)
PDFDXR500 Shock Set Front Aluminum Oil (122 KB)
PDFDXR500 Slipper Set (159 KB)
PDFDXR500 Steering Set Aluminum Oil (770 KB)
PDFDXR500 Wheel Front Aluminum (138 KB)
PDFDXR500 Wheel Rear Aluminum (138 KB)
PDFElement 3900kV Brushless System (243 KB)
PDFFlashPoint Temperature Gauge (154 KB) v1.1
PDFLiPo Battery Safety & Handling (58 KB)
PDFMicro Fail-Safe (30 KB)
PDFOnyx Brushless System (341 KB)
PDFOnyx ESC Programming Card (311 KB)
PDFOnyx LiPo Batteries (96 KB)
PDFSensored Brushless Motors (110 KB)
PDFUniversal Starter Box (141 KB)

Parts Lists & Exploded Views

PDFDX450 (475 KB)


PDF2012 Duratrax Catalog (9.9 MB)

PDF1/8 Buggy & Truggy Tires (246 KB)
PDF1/10 Buggy Tires (203 KB)
PDF1/10 Short Course Tires (339 KB)
PDF835B (196 KB)
PDF835E (216 KB)
PDFDTX Series Batteries (343 KB)
PDFDX450 (277 KB)
PDFElement 3900kV Brushless System (251 KB)

PDFOnyx 110 Charger (137 KB)
PDFOnyx 150 Charger (239 KB)
PDFOnyx 200 Charger (194 KB)
PDFOnyx 210 Charger (200 KB)
PDFOnyx 225 Charger (489 KB)
PDFOnyx 235 Charger (249 KB)
PDFOnyx 240 Charger (193 KB)
PDFOnyx 245 Charger (369 KB)
PDFOnyx Balanced LiPo Battery Packs (230 KB)
PDFOnyx Chargers (984 KB)
PDFOnyx NiMH and NiCd Battery Packs (196 KB)

PDF Files

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