Sensored Brushless Motors

Sensored Brushless Motors

More Power to Get Dirty.

They're a first for Duratrax, but they're designed to last and perform better than any other 540-size motor we've ever offered for 1/10 scale.

You already know the reasons for switching to a brushless motor. Quicker response. Greater efficiency. Much longer life. Far less wear — and far less maintenance along with it.

Sensored brushless motors offer additional benefits. Sensorless motors sometimes have trouble following what the ESC tells it to do; that results in cogging or stuttering. Sensored motors don't have that problem. The sensors keep the ESC in constant communication with the motor. Result: smoother, more precise control.

Plus, Duratrax Brushless Sensored Motors are 2-pole designs. Combined with 2-3 LiPo cells, they can deliver more than enough speed and torque for any 1/10 scale on- or off-road application.

Each one offers all the features of more expensive motors for less — and the gritty durability required to keep performance at its peak for a long time to come.

See below for the Duratrax brushless sensored motor right for you.

See below for the Duratrax brushless sensored motor right for you.
DM8.5T (8.5 Turn) DM10.5T (10.5 Turn) DM13.5T (13.5 Turn) DM17.5T (17.5 Turn)
Brushed 540 Equivalent: 10-12 Turn 13 Turn 19 Turn 27 Turn
Current (max.): 35A 25A 20A 15A
Output (kV): 4450 3650 2850 2250
Stock #: DTXC3425 DTXC3435 DTXC3440 DTXC3445

Look for these features on all Duratrax brushless motors!

Plus: All motors are factory-tested under light and typical load conditions
to ensure that current flow, rpm, power band, sensors and performance are up to spec!

Motor Specifications:
Can Diameter: 1.41 in (35.8 mm)
Can Length: 2.07 in (52.5 mm)
Mounting Hole Depth: 0.157 in (4 mm)
Shaft Diameter: 1/8 in (3.175 mm)
Shaft Length: 0.59 in (15 mm)
Weight: 6.0 oz (170 g)