RC Car Paint
Tech Notice

When you need paint for your projects, depend on Duratrax. Custom-blended in all of the most popular colors, durable Duratrax paints deliver excellent coverage and spray patterns for polycarbonate R/C car bodies. The can sizes are larger (4.5 oz), so they go farther, with color-matching lids for instant color recognition. The bottles come in a convenient 0.5 oz size. Best of all, Duratrax paints offer all of these advantages at a great per-ounce price!

    • Solids

    • Basic Black PC250
      Basic Black
      Can Bottle
      PC250 PC50
    • Bright White PC251
      Bright White
      Can Bottle
      PC251 PC51
    • Blue Flash PC252
      Blue Flash
      Can Bottle
      PC252 PC52
    • Racing Red PC254
      Racing Red
      Can Bottle
      PC254 PC54
    • Competition Orange PC256
      Competition Orange
      Can Bottle
      PC256 PC56
    • Mellow Yellow PC257
      Mellow Yellow
      Can Bottle
      PC257 PC57
    • Rally Green PC258
      Rally Green
      Can Bottle
      PC258 PC58
    • Bright Yellow PC285
      Bright Yellow
      Can Bottle
      PC285 PC85
    • Brilliant Blue PC286
      Brilliant Blue
      Can Bottle
      PC286 PC86
    • Bright Red PC287
      Bright Red
      Can Bottle
      PC287 PC87
    • Teal PC298
      NEW! Teal
      Can Bottle
      PC298 PC98
    • Light Blue PC253
      NEW! Light Blue
      Can Bottle
      PC253 PC53
    • Purple PC288
      NEW! Purple
      Can Bottle
      PC288 PC88
    • Base Cover Coat PC290
      Base Cover Coat
      Can Bottle
      PC290 PC90
    • Base Cover Black PC291
      NEW! Base Cover Black
      Can Bottle
      PC291 NA
    • Metallics and Pearls

    • Silver Streak PC262
      Silver Streak
      Can Bottle
      PC262 PC62
    • Metallic Red PC264
      Metallic Red
      Can Bottle
      PC264 PC64
    • Gunmetal PC2634
      NEW! Gunmetal
      Can Bottle
      PC263 PC63
    • Metallic Blue PC265
      Metallic Blue
      Can Bottle
      PC265 PC65
    • Metallic Green PC266
      Metallic Green
      Can Bottle
    • Metallic Burgundy PC267
      Metallic Burgundy
      Can Bottle
      PC267 PC67
    • Metallic Black PC280
      Metallic Black
      Can Bottle
      PC280 PC80
    • Metallic Flake Silver PC69
      Metallic Flake Silver
      Can Bottle
    • Pearl White PC276
      Pearl White
      Can Bottle
      PC276 PC76
    • Pearl Blue PC293
      Pearl Blue
      Can Bottle
    • Pearl Lime PC297
      NEW! Pearl Lime
      Can Bottle
      PC297 PC97
    • Candies, Fluorescents and Tint

    • Candy Red PC271
      Candy Red
      Can Bottle
      PC271 PC71
    • Candy Blue PC272
      Candy Blue
      Can Bottle
      PC272 PC72
    • Candy Purple PC273
      Candy Purple
      Can Bottle
      PC273 PC73
    • Candy Yellow PC295
      NEW! Candy Yellow
      Can Bottle
      PC295 PC95
    • Candy Orange PC296
      NEW! Candy Orange
      Can Bottle
      PC296 PC96
    • Fluorescent Red PC277
      Fluorescent Red
      Can Bottle
      PC277 PC77
    • Fluorescent Orange PC278
      Fluorescent Orange
      Can Bottle
      PC278 PC78
    • Fluorescent Yellow PC279
      Fluorescent Yellow
      Can Bottle
      PC279 PC79
    • Fluorescent Green PC281
      Fluorescent Green
      Can Bottle
      PC281 PC81
    • Fluorescent Blue PC282
      Fluorescent Blue
      Can Bottle
      PC282 PC82
    • Fluorescent Bright Orange PC283
      NEW! Fluorescent Bright Orange
      Can Bottle
      PC283 PC83
    • Window Tint PC294
      Window Tint
      Can Bottle
      PC294 PC94
    • Thinners

    • Thinner 0.5 oz
      Thinner 0.5 oz
      Can Bottle
    • Thinner 3.5 oz
      Thinner 3.5 oz
      Can Bottle

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