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DuraTrax Performance Tires deliver top-end traction — and construction tough enough to keep 'em on track and racking up laps long after your competition has limped to the pits.

And they're not just for 1/8 scale buggies and truggies anymore; there's a full line of 1/10 scale short course tires, too. After months of grueling competition, they've emerging as a top choice for winners everywhere.

It's not hard to see why, either. They offer the same tough construction of 1/8 scale tires, as well as four of the same proven tread designs. They're designed for today's most popular rides — and they're available in C2 and super-soft C3 compounds.

And like all other Performance Tires, they're available mounted or unmounted, complete with foam inserts*.

Duratrax tires are good values — and a whole lot more. You can see all the other advantages of Performance Tires below — and the full selection for the tires you want by clicking on the tabs below.

Tire cutaway
Foam Inserts
All* tire sets include firm, CA-safe inserts. Grooves in each insert conform to the tire’s reinforcing rib for added sidewall support and improved handling.
Color-Coded Tread Patterns
Each tread has a name and a color code, and both are durably imprinted on the sidewall for fast, easy identification.