Evader EXT2.4

The most invincible Evader yet!

Proven tough and reliable, the Evader EXT racing truck platform now also comes so complete, it requires absolutely nothing else — except your skills at the wheel. A 2.4GHz radio system with "AA" transmitter batteries is included. A Photon Speed 2 motor supplies impressive acceleration and top end. It's fully waterproof, with a waterproof receiver box, SX401WP servo and Sprint WP electronic speed control. Charge the supplied 1500mAh Onyx NiMH battery with the accompanying wall charger — and you're ready to power down the track on all-terrain tires right to a first-place finish!

2.4GHz Radio System
Waterproof electronics keep the
action going!
Length: 16.1 in (409 mm)
Width: 12.8 in (325 mm)
Height: 6.6 in (168 mm)
Ground Clearance: 1.4 in (36 mm)
Weight: 3.6 lb (1.63 kg)
Protected By Stress-Tech Guarantee
Duratrax is so confident in the Evader EXT2.4's durability that we cover all Stress-Tech parts with a 1-year FREE Replacement Guarantee!

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