835E Ready-To-Run 1/8 Scale Brushless 4WD Racing Buggy

True 1/8 scale size — undeniable 1/8 scale power.

With the 835E, there's no tradeoff between affordable price and performance — you get both in the same package. The going-in price is a pleasant surprise...and what's even better is what you get for your money. It starts off with a 1/8 scale-size brushless power system. It's an Onyx 2200kV brushless motor matched to an Onyx 120A waterproof ESC — a combo that can translates to serious air time off jumps, explosive hole shots and wailing top end for straights.

And things only get better from there, because the 835E is loaded with what you want. Extras like sway bars. Tuning options that are usually add-ons. A 2.4GHz transmitter. Hardened steel and anodized aluminum parts — and the protection of the only free, 1-year parts replacement guarantee in all of R/C.

The Duratrax 835E: get it — and hit it. Hard.

2.4GHz Radio System
Waterproof electronics keep the
action going!
Length: 19.9 in (505 mm)
Width: 11.9 in (302 mm)
Height: 7.5 in (190 mm)
Wheelbase: 12.8 in (325 mm)
Weight w/battery: 8.4 lb (3.8 kg)
Requires: LiPo charger, (4) "AA" alkaline batteries and either: (1) 4S hard case LiPo with Deans Ultra Plug connector or (2) 2S hard case LiPo batteries with series adapter and Deans Ultra Plug

835E Painted Bodies
Get the look that gets the looks!
The 835E comes out of the box as you see it here: assembled, tough and loaded, with a Duratrax 2.4GHz radio and a sleek painted body. Available in all three of the exciting trim schemes you see here.

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Protected By Stress-Tech Guarantee
Not just bulletproof.
Guaranteed bulletproof.
Duratrax is so confident of the 835E's durability that we cover all Stress-Tech parts with a 1-year FREE replacement guarantee. Click here for more details.
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Upgrade for even more speed, strength and style with Duratrax option parts. Click here to see list of available parts.