DX450 DX450

The DX450: built for street racing action — and wild motocross thrills!

Front shocks

Dual, long-travel coil-spring front shocks
Absorbs impacts with ease to keep you in control.

oil-filled rear shock

High-volume, oil-filled rear shock
Keeps the rear wheel solidly planted, for can't-miss traction and maximum top-end speed!

metal chain drive

True, metal chain drive
Strong, simple and super-responsive – just like the ones on full-size bikes.

Black-anodized Aluminum Chassis

Modular, black-anodized aluminum chassis
Ultra-light and motocross-tough!

Flywheel Gyro System

Flywheel gyro system
For low-speed stability and solid, high-speed cornering.

Complete, 14-piece bearing set