Option Parts

Everyone can use an edge in racing, especially if you're racing against other DX450 owners. Each hop-up you add makes it most likely that the next name in the winner's circle is going to be yours!

DTXC4482 Wheelie Bar Set
DTXC4600 Motor Brushless 500 4900KV
DTXC4601 Motor Brushless 500 5900KV
DTXC4605 Cooling Fan DC3-6V
DTXC4610 Frame Main Left / Right Carbon
DTXC4611 Frame Upper Left / Right Carbon
DTXC4612 Frame Rear Left / Right Carbon
DTXC4625 Steering Set Oil
DTXC4626 Shock Spring Rear Hard (Green)
DTXC4627 Shock Spring Front (Chromed)
DTXC4630 Pinion Gear Steel 10T
DTXC4631 Pinion Gear Steel 11T
DTXC4632 Pinion Gear Steel 12T
DTXC4633 Pinion Gear Steel 14T
DTXC4634 Pinion Gear Steel 15T
DTXC4635 Pinion Gear Steel 16T
DTXC4640 Steering Rod Set Pro / High-Sensitivity
DTXC4641 Hub Front Aluminum
DTXC4642 Tire Front High-Grip
DTXC4643 Tire Rear High-Grip
DTXC4644 Main Gear Steel
DTXC4645 Front Slick Tire On-Road/Pavement
DTXC4646 Rear Slick Tire On-Road/Pavement
DTXC4647 Front Tire Dirt Track/Oval
DTXC4648 Rear Tire Dirt Track/Oval
DTXC4650 Arm Rear (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4651 Wheel Front (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4652 Wheel Rear (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4653 Shock Body Front (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4654 Brake Disc (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4655 Handlebar Muffler Foot Peg Set (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4656 Hub Carrier Front (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4665 Arm Rear (Gold)
DTXC4666 Suspension Mount Front Aluminum (Gold)
DTXC4667 Oil Shock Set Front Aluminum (Gold)
DTXM6050 Servo Arm Futaba (Blue)
DTXM6051 Servo Arm JR (Purple)
DTXC4668 Clutch Shoe Set Aluminum
DTXC4669 Battery Case (Carbon Texture)
DTXC4670 Planetary Gear Metal 48T

Replacement Parts

Stress-tech parts are listed in bold

DTXC1535 Bearing 5x10 mm
DTXC1561 Bearing 6x10mm
DTXC1573 Bearing 6x13mm
DTXC4342 Suspension Stop
DTXC4350 Body Set (Red) w/Decal
DTXC4351 Body Set (Yellow) w/Decal
DTXC4352 Body Set (Green) w/Decal
DTXC4353 Body Set (Blue) w/Decal
DTXC4360 Body/Rider Decal Set
DTXC4365 Rider Set (Red) w/Decal
DTXC4366 Rider Set (Yellow) w/Decal
DTXC4367 Rider Set (Green) w/Decal
DTXC4368 Rider Set (Blue) w/Decal
DTXC4370 Bike Stand
DTXC4400 Main Frame
DTXC4401 Upper Frame
DTXC4402 Rear Frame
DTXC4405 Front Shock Upper Cap
DTXC4406 Front Shock Lower Cap
DTXC4407 Front Shock Spring
DTXC4408 Rear Shock Spring
DTXC4409 Front Shock Shaft
DTXC4410 Rear Shock Post
DTXC4411 Front Shock Body
DTXC4412 Front Shock Piston Set

DTXC4413 Rear Shock Assembled
DTXC4414 Aluminum Rear Shock Cap (Blue)
DTXC4415 Front Shock Mount
DTXC4420 Front Wheel Axle
DTXC4421 Rear Wheel Axle
DTXC4422 Rear Axle Bearing Washer
DTXC4430 Motor Mount Left
DTXC4431 Motor Mount Right
DTXC4432 Motor Mount Post
DTXC4433 Battery Case
DTXC4450 Aluminum Chassis Post
DTXC4451 Main Shaft
DTXC4452 King Shaft
DTXC4455 Planetary Gear Mount
DTXC4456 Clutch Shoe Hub
DTXC4457 Flywheel Cylinder Weight
DTXC4458 9T Sprocket
DTXC4459 26T Sprocket Plate
DTXC4460 Stabilizer Bar End
DTXC4461 13T Pinion
DTXC4462 Front Suspension Mount Spring
DTXC4463 Flywheel Gyro Set
DTXC4464 Planetary Gear Set
DTXC4465 Front Hub Carrier Set
DTXC4466 Front Suspension Mount
DTXC4467 Body Mount
DTXC4468 ESC & RX Plate
DTXC4469 Handlebar, Foot Pegs, Muffler
DTXC4470 Frame Post/Spacer Set
DTXC4471 Brake Disc
DTXC4472 Main Shaft Bearing Holder
DTXC4473 Rear Arm Set

DTXC4474 Chain
DTXC4475 65T Main Gear
DTXC4476 Stabilizer Bar
DTXC4477 Servo Mount
DTXC4478 Steering Linkage Set
DTXC4479 One-Way Bearing
DTXC4480 Metal Clutch Shoes
DTXC4481 Stabilizer Collar Set 3/16"
DTXC4485 Front Wheel
DTXC4486 Rear Wheel

DTXC4490 Front Tire
DTXC4491 Rear Tire
DTXC4602 500 Brushless Motor 3800kV
DTXM1285 Speed Control Brushless 75A


DTXC4340 7mm C-Clip
DTXC4372 R-Clip
DTXC4373 25mm Nut
DTXC4374 3x12mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4376 4x10mm Washer
DTXC4377 2x5mm Washer
DTXC4378 2mm
DTXC4379 9mm
DTXC4380 8mm
DTXC4381 3mm
DTXC4387 3x40mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4388 2x6mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4389 25x20mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4390 3x6mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4391 25x12mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4392 3x20mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4393 3x8mm Button Head Screw
DTXC4395 4x12mm Socket Head Cap Screw
DTXC4396 4x16mm Socket Head Cap Screw
DTXC4397 2x12mm Pin
DTXC4399 25x8mm Flat Head Screw
DTXC8626 3x10mm Button Head Screw
DTXC8239 2mm Nut
DTXC8660 3x3mm Setscrew
DTXC9763 3x8mm Washer
DTXQ0273 3x6mm, 3x8mm Flat Head Screw
DTXQ0289 4x25mm Socket Head Cap Screw
DTXQ0303 3x16mm Setscrew
DTXQ0305 4x4mm Setscrew
DTXQ0403 3mm Nut
DTXQ0423 3mm Nylon Nut
DTXQ0424 4mm Nylon Nut
DTXQ0525 4mm E-Clip
DTXQ0526 5mm E-Clip
Protected By Stress-Tech Guarantee FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE
Duratrax is so confident in the quality and durability of Stress-Tech plastic parts that we'll replace any Stress-Tech part that breaks during the first 12 months you own your DX450. Just send the broken part to Duratrax and we'll send you a FREE replacement. See the instruction manual for mailing address and details. NOTE: This warranty is only available directly from Duratrax. It is not available from your dealer.