Option Parts

DTXC4459 Steel Sprocket 26T
DTXC4600 Motor Brushless 4900Kv
DTXC4601 Motor Brushless 5900Kv
DTXC4605 Cooling Fan
DTXC4630 Pinion Gear 10T
DTXC4631 Pinion Gear Steel 11T
DTXC4632 Pinion Gear Steel 12T
DTXC4633 Pinion Gear Steel 14T
DTXC4634 Pinion Gear Steel 15T
DTXC4635 Pinion Gear Steel 15T
DTXC4668 Clutch Shoe Set Aluminum
DTXC4670 Planetary Gear Metal 48T
DTXC4748 Body Cowling Bottom PC
DTXC4756 Disc Brake Conversion Set Front
DTXC4767 Fender Front / Rear PC
DTXC4769 Fork Support Front
DTXC4772 Gyro Flywheel Lightweight Aluminum
DTXC4784 Motor Mount Aluminum
DTXC4791 Rear Arm Aluminum
DTXC4794 Shock Mount Front Aluminum
DTXC4796 Shock Body Front Air Aluminum
DTXC4797 Shock Body Rear Aluminum
DTXC4798 Shock Set Rear Oil Aluminum
DTXC4805 Shock Set Front oil Aluminum
DTXC4811 Shock Spring Front Soft
DTXC4812 Shock Spring Front Hard
DTXC4815 Shock Spring Rear Soft
DTXC4816 Shock Spring Rear Hard
DTXC4819 Shock Shaft Front Lightweight
DTXC4821 Slipper Set
DTXC4827 Steering Damper Body Oil Aluminum
DTXC4828 Steering Set Oil Aluminum
DTXC4830 Stabilizer Set
DTXC4841 Tire High Grip Slick Front
DTXC4842 Tire High Grip Slick Front Soft
DTXC4843 Tire High Grip Slick Front Hard
DTXC4846 Tire High Grip Slick Rear
DTXC4847 Tire High Grip Slick Rear Soft
DTXC4848 Tire High Grip Slick Rear Hard
DTXC4850 Tire Insert Front Soft
DTXC4851 Tire Insert Front Hard
DTXC4854 Tire Insert Rear Soft
DTXC4855 Tire Insert Rear Hard
DTXC4863 Wheel Front Aluminum
DTXC4865 Wheel Rear Aluminum

Replacement Parts

Stress-tech parts are listed in bold

DTXC1511 Bearing 4x8mm
DTXC1541 Bearing 5x10mm Flanged
DTXC1547 Bearing 5x11mm
DTXC1551 Bearing 5x11mm Flanged
DTXC1561 Bearing 6x10mm
DTXC1573 Bearing 6x13mm
DTXC4370 Bike Stand
DTXC4421 Rear Wheel Axle
DTXC4422 Rear Wheel Axle Washer
DTXC4455 Planetary Gear Mount
DTXC4456 Clutch Shoe Hub
DTXC4458 9T Sprocket
DTXC4461 13T Pinion
DTXC4464 Planetary Gear Set
DTXC4479 One Way Bearing
DTXC4480 Clutch Shoes
DTXC4602 Motor Brushless 3800Kv
DTXC4722 Battery Case
DTXC4724 Battery Strap
DTXC4728 Body Accessories
DTXC4730 Body Front (White)
DTXC4731 Body Front (Blue)
DTXC4732 Body Front (Red)
DTXC4733 Body Front (Green)
DTXC4734 Body Front (Yellow)
DTXC4735 Body Bottom (White)
DTXC4736 Body Bottom (Blue)
DTXC4737 Body Bottom (Red)
DTXC4738 Body Bottom (Green)
DTXC4739 Body Bottom (Yellow)
DTXC4740 Body Upper (White)
DTXC4741 Body Upper (Blue)
DTXC4742 Body Upper (Red)
DTXC4743 Body Upper (Green)
DTXC4744 Body Upper (Yellow)
DTXC4750 Brake Disc
DTXC4760 Chain
DTXC4765 Chassis Accessories
DTXC4766 Driver (Blue)
DTXC4768 Foot Peg Set
DTXC4771 Gyro Flywheel
DTXC4774 Hub Carrier Front
DTXC4776 King Shaft
DTXC4778 Main Shaft
DTXC4779 Main Gear 65T
DTXC4781 Main Frame
DTXC4783 Motor Mount
DTXC4787 Body Decal Set
DTXC4789 Servo Arm
DTXC4790 Rear Arm Set

DTXC4792 Rear Arm Shaft
DTXC4793 Shock Mount Front
DTXC4795 Shock Body Front

DTXC4800 Shock Piston Set Front
DTXC4801 Shock Service Kit
DTXC4803 Shock Set Rear Oil
DTXC4810 Shock Spring Front
DTXC4814 Shock Spring Rear
DTXC4818 Shock Shaft Front
DTXC4820 Shock Lower Cap Front
DTXC4822 Sprocket 26T
DTXC4824 Stabilizer Set
DTXC4825 Stabilizer Bar End
DTXC4826 Steering Damper Rod Set
DTXC4832 Suspension Mount Front
DTXC4835 Suspension Shaft Front
DTXC4840 Tire Front
DTXC4845 Tire Rear
DTXC4857 Tire Holder Plate Rear
DTXC4860 Wheel Axle Front
DTXC4862 Wheel Front
DTXC4864 Wheel Rear

DTXC4870 Windshield
DTXC8303 O-Ring
DTXM1285 Brushless Speed Control 75A


DTXC4371 45° R-Clip
DTXC4382 Flat Socket Head Machine Screw 3x6mm
DTXC4383 Socket Head Cap Screw 2x5mm
DTXC4385 Pan Head Machine Screw 4x40mm
DTXC4390 Pan Head Machine Screw 3x6mm
DTXC4393 Pan Head Machine Screw 3x8mm
DTXC4394 Pan Head Machine Screw 3x12mm
DTXC4396 Socket Head Cap Screw 4x16mm
DTXQ0201 Self-Tapping Screw 2x8mm
DTXQ0203 Self-Tapping Screw 2.6x6mm
DTXQ0203 Self-Tapping Screw 2.6x12mm
DTXQ0207 Round Head Self-Tapping Screw 3x6mm
DTXQ0207 Self-Tapping Screw 3x6mm
DTXQ0207 Self-Tapping Screw 3x8mm
DTXQ0207 Self-Tapping Screw 3x10mm
DTXQ0207 Self-Tapping Screw 3x12mm
DTXQ0231 Flat Head Self-Tapping Screw 2.6x10mm
DTXQ0263 Pan Head Machine Screw 3x10mm
DTXQ0273 Flat Head Machine Screw 3x10mm
DTXQ0273 Flat Head Machine Screw 3x8mm
DTXQ0286 Socket Head Cap Screw 3x20mm
DTXQ0301 Set Screw 3x3mm
DTXQ0305 Set Screw 4x4mm
DTXQ0305 Set Screw 4x8mm
DTXQ0423 Nylon Lock Nut 3mm
DTXQ0424 Nylon Lock Nut 4mm
DTXQ0501 Flat Washer 2.5x6mm
DTXQ0501 Flat Washer 3mm
DTXQ0503 Flat Washer 4mm
DTXQ0522 E-Clip 2.0mm
DTXQ0526 E-Clip 5.0mm
Protected By Stress-Tech Guarantee
Duratrax is so confident in the quality and durability of Stress-Tech plastic parts that we'll replace any Stress-Tech part that breaks during the first 12 months you own your DXR500. Just send the broken part to Duratrax and we'll send you a FREE replacement. See the instruction manual for mailing address and details. NOTE: This warranty is only available directly from Duratrax. It is not available from your dealer.