Nylon Body Posts

Package of Nylon Body Posts

Rugged, resilient and adjustable!

Molded from strong, bend-resistant nylon, Duratrax body posts give you up to 1/2" of play to get body height just right. Once installed, height can be adjusted to the maximum height shown with the single set screw set into the collar.

Available in black, in sizes ranging from 2"-4.5". All sets include two each of posts, collars, 4-40x1/8" set screws and 4-10x3/8" flat head mounting screws.

All require an 0.050" and 1/16" hex wrench to install.

Stock Numbers:
DTXC2612 Black 2"
DTXC2613 Black 3"
DTXC2614 Black 4"
DTXC2615 Black 1.5"
DTXC2616 Black 2.5"
DTXC2617 Black 3.5"
DTXC2618 Black 4.5"

Need body posts for a specific vehicle? You'll find the stock number for it in your instruction manual.