Spur Gears

spur gears

48-pitch choices—64-pitch options.

Whether you want more speed, more power, better traction or just more options, the right spur gear can provide it. Duratrax spur gears are ideal for electrics and nitro-fueled vehicles alike, and available in 48-pitch models for off-road and 64-pitch versions for on-road.

Tip: Vehicle manuals usually list the pitch and tooth count of the spur gear provided with the model. If you're experimenting with gear ratios, try the spur gear with a tooth count one up…or down…from the one you're using now.

Stock Numbers:
DTXC3000 48P 78T
DTXC3010 48P 86T
DTXC3015 48P 90T
DTXC3020 64P 98T
DTXC3030 64P 104T