Pit Accessories


Pit Tech Tire Glue
Pit Tech™ Tire Glue

Adhesive for the winning edge

Pit Tech Threadlocker
Pit Tech™ Threadlocker

Keeps bolts secure

Air Filter Oil
Air Filter Oil

A small price for better engine performance

Motor Cleaner
Power Shot™ Motor Cleaner

Now more environmentally friendly!


Metric Screw Sets
Metric Screw Sets & Hardware

Making R/C car maintenance more enjoyable

Misc. Accessories

Deluxe Car Stand
Pit Tech™ Deluxe Car Stand

Model maintenance made easier - available in 4 colors

Camber Gauge
Pit Tech™ Camber Gauge

Improves any model's handling

Servo Tape
Servo Tape

Superior holding power

Body Repair Tape
Body Repair Tape

An easy, inexpensive way to repair and reinforce R/C car bodies

Racing Cones
Kwik Trak™ Racing Cones

Making tracks anywhere is easier than ever!

Tire Sticks
Tire Sticks

A better way to store tires

Kwik Ramp Portable Jump
Kwik Ramp™ Portable Jump

Make your own off-road course!

Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand
Pit Tech™ Deluxe Truck Stand

The R/C mechanic's best friend

Pit Tech Deluxe Shock Stand
Pit Tech™ Deluxe Shock Stand

Keep your shocks in check.

Pit Tech Deluxe Tool Stand
Pit Tech™ Deluxe Tool Stand

Keep your tools at hand.