2S-4S AC Balancing Charger

A "must-have" for lithium-cell charging!

Duratrax Li-24 LiPo/LiFe Balancing Charger

If you love your lithium batteries, the best thing you can do for them is power them up with the Li-24 AC Balancing Charger from Duratrax. It's easy to use, small in size and handles up to 4S LiPo and LiFe cells. The Li-24 has features and functions that you'll appreciate, including charge status and cell LEDs, charge current and battery type switches, charge output and AC jacks, and more. You get all this, at a price that fits into any modeler's budget.

*U.S. Patent D749,046 and Patent Pending

Stock Numbers:
DTXP4631 Li-24 2S-4S AC Balancing Charger with Star Plug

Voltage Input: 110-240V AC
Output Power: 30W max
Battery Types: LiPo/LiFe
Number of Cells: 2-4
Charging Method: cc/cv
Charge Current: 1A, 2A and 3A*, selectable
Balancing Current: 200mA
Starts Charge: Automatically at hook-up
Ends Charge: When pack reaches cc/cv
Controls: LiPo/LiFe and charge current switches
Indicators: Multi-color pack LED; red cell balancing LEDs
Output Jacks: 4 mm banana plug
Output Connectors: Star Plug
Includes: Detachable AC power cord and 18AWG charge cord with banana plugs
Safety/Protective Features: reverse voltage

**Maximum charge current for 4S packs is about 1.4A.

Star Plug
Star Plug

Li-24 with LEDs and switches labelled (cell status LED, battery type switch, charge status LED, charge current switch)
Jack for 100-240V AC power
Output jack for 4 mm banana plugs
Built-in JST XH balancing jacks for 2S, 3S and 4S packs

DTXC2220 Duratrax Charge Lead Banana Plugs to Standard
DTXC2223 Duratrax Charge Lead Banana Plugs to Mini Plug

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