Onyx 230

AC/DC Advanced Balancing Charger

Onyx 230
Stock Number: DTXP4235
With Charge Status LEDs!5 Year Warranty

Balances each cell for maximum voltage and longer life!

There are a lot of chargers out there. But there are few that offer modelers as much for as little as the Onyx 235.

There's peak charging for nickel-based packs…balanced charging for lithium packs…three output adapters…two balancing boards for 2S-6S packs…even a USB jack for charging personal electronics and a mini USB jack for downloading firmware updates. Versatile and value-packed: two great reasons to buy an Onyx 235.

*U.S. Patent D749,046 and Patent Pending


The Model 235 is the most versatile Onyx charger to date. With charge rates of 0.1-8A, it's the right choice for nitro and electric cars and boats, as well as transmitter and receiver packs. It peak charges up to 10 NiCd or NiMH cells, balances and charges up to 4 lithium cells (including LiFeSource LiFe packs) and includes adapters for the five most common battery connectors. In addition to radio battery and balancing jacks, the Onyx 235 also includes a USB jack for charging cell phones, music players and other accessories at the track, plus a mini USB jack for downloading firmware. Detachable AC and DC power cords, a backlit LCD visible under all lighting conditions and a 5-year warranty round out its impressive performance options and protection.

Charging packs

Charging for the 5 most popular kinds of power packs: NiCds, NiMHs, LiPo, LiIon and LiFeSource LiFe packs.

Charge Jacks

Features special-purpose jacks for added versatility:

  1. Balancing
  2. Universal radio (for charging transmitter and receiver packs)
  3. USB (for trackside cell phone and accessory charging)
  4. Mini USB (for downloading firmware updates)


Stock Number:DTXP4235
AC input:110V 60Hz-240V 50Hz, 50W max
DC input:11-15V Battery types: 1-10 NiCd or NiMH (1.2-12.0V)
1-4 LiPo, LiIon or LiFe (3.7-14.8V)
Battery capacity range:50-9900mAh
Fast charge current:0.1-8.0A, adjustable (4C limit for lithiums; 5A limit w/AC input)
Fast charge termination:Peak detection (NiCd/MH cells) cc/cv (lithium cells)
Fast charge safety timer:off-300 minutes
NiCd/MH peak sensitivity:3-20mV, adjustable
NiCd/MH trickle current:1/20 fast charge setting (auto) or 0-250 mA (manual)
Lithium balancing accuracy:5mV per cell
Lithium balancing boards (2):JST XH & Thunder Power 6S
Lithium node current (max.):300mA
Controls:4 push buttons
Battery memories:10
Display type:2x8 reversed, backlit LCD
Data displayed:Cell chemistry; input, output and peak voltage (packs), balancing voltages (cells) & charge current, capacity and time.
Setup tones:on / off
Audible melodies:5
Output connections*:banana jacks; balancing jack; universal jack (for radio packs); USB jack (for cell phones & music players); mini USB jack (for firmware downloads)
Output adapters (3):banana plugs to: standard, Traxxas High-Current & Star Plug
Protective Devices:solid-state reverse polarity and current overload & safety timer
Cooling system:Fan
Case Size:6.3 x 5.3 x 1.7 in (160 x 134 x 43 mm)
Weight:19.7 oz (559 g, w/DC cord attached)

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