Onyx 255

AC/DC Dual Touch Balancing Charger

5 Year Warranty

Control two chargers from a single color touch screen!

With the Onyx 260, you don't need old-school push-buttons to program; just gentle fingertip pressure and its brilliant 3.2" color touch screen. Touch it and you have instant access to two chargers with identical capabilities; touch it again, and you can choose battery chemistry, peak or balance charging, set up for charging one pack at a time or two at onceā€¦and view charging data the way you prefer to see it. You can have it as simple numbers against a colorful backdrop, or as points on a high-visibility color graph. For the modeler who wants the latest in programming ease and charging versatility, there's only one charger to consider: the Onyx 260.

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Both outputs:


The Onyx 260 literally puts the best in dual-output charging and programming ease at your fingertips. Its 3.2-inch color touch screen not only eliminates buttons and knobs; it gives you the power to review charging data as numbers, or in context, as points on a colorful graph. With its 0.1-6A charge rates, it has the raw power needed to peak charge up to 15 nickel-based cells or balance charge up to 6S lithium cells. In addition, the Onyx 260 also gives the modeler the ability to customize text colors, sound cues and charging routines.

dtxp4261 star plug inset
The Star Plug is fully compatible with the polarized power plug modelers use most and a "next-gen" advance in connector design. It's easier to grip during installation and removal, holds tighter in-between and prevents loose wires from shorting out. Look for it wherever you see the stylized star!

U.S. Patent D749,046 and Patent Pending
In Data mode, you can vary text color for easier reference and monitor all charge data on just two easy-to-read screens.
In data mode, you can easily monitor all charge data at a quick glance.
In Graph mode, you can monitor charging progress in chart form and get temperature, voltage and time readings as well.
In Graph mode, you can monitor charging progress in chart form and get temperature, voltage and time readings as well.


Stock Number: DTXP4261
AC input: 110V AC 60Hz
AC Input Cord/Connector: Detachable lead w/plug
DC Input (V): 11.0-15.0
DC Input Cord/Connector: Detachable lead w/clips
Number of Outputs: 2
Cell Chemistry and Number of Cells: 1-15 NiCd and NiMH; 1-6S Lithium
Fast Charge Current (A): 0.1-6.0 (60W) 120W total
Fast Charge Termination: Peak (for NI); cc/cv (for Li)
Peak Sensitivity (mV): 10-20 (Adjustable)
Auto-Trickle: Yes
Trickle Charge Rate (mAh): 1/20 of fast charge current (auto); 0-250 (manual)
Max. Node Current (mA): 300
Programmable: Yes
Number of Memories: 10 per output; 20 total
Main Output/Connector(s): Banana jacks; leads w/standard and Star Plug adapters
Radio Battery Charge Jack/Connector: 4-, 5- & 8-C NiCds, NiMHs and universal radio
Balancing Jack/Connector: Balancing boards with JST XH plugs
Balancing Accuracy: 5 mV per cell
Control(s): Full color 3.2" touch screen
Display Type: Full color 3.2" touch screen
Data Displayed: Cell chemistry; input, output, peak and cell voltages; charge current, time & capacity; errors and alerts
Dimensions: 6.0" x 2.75" x 7.25" (152mm x 70mm x 184mm)
Weight: 18.8oz (5533g)
Safety Timer (min): 0-300 (adjustable)
Other Safety Features: Reverse polarity, current overload protection and fan
Audible Alerts: Start, stop, errors and setup


Recommended Options:
Charge Lead - Banana Plugs/Vendetta, Mini Q
DTXC2225 Charge Lead - Banana Plugs/4 mm Bullet Plugs

Ask your hobby dealer for additional recommendations.

*U.S. Patent D749,046 and Patent Pending