How do I check my R/C system's operation?

Before each running session, before you run a new model, or after you've had your system in for repair, you need to check its operation. Checking it is not difficult, and is essential for continued safe operation of your model.

First off, make sure you have good batteries in both the transmitter and receiver. Weak batteries will insure a mishap, because they'll likely fail while you're in the middle of driving the model. The result is a model that takes off on its own, ending-up with a heavily-damaging crash. If you have any doubts about the batteries, replace them.

If the batteries are good, you need to make a range check. The best way is to have a friend hold the car, with its engine running, while you walk away from the model. Have the transmitter's antenna collapsed and operate the steering, perhaps 'blipping' the throttle occasionally. Depending upon your system, you should be able to get from 50 to 100 feet away before the system loses control. Again, check the instructions that came with your model to see how far away you should be able to get. The distance will vary from brand to brand of R/C equipment.

When you're satisfied with how the system works, you can go racing.

If you have any doubts about how well the transmitter is controlling the model, don't use your system. You'll have to put off running your model that day. Get it sent in to the service center for inspection or repair. It's better to miss a few days of running your model than to have it crash out of control.

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