How do I set the Torq .21 Carburetor?

The initial settings for the carburetor of your Torq engine are easy to set.

First, close the high-speed needle valve, which sticks straight up, and open it 2-1/2 turns out from closed. This is the initial setting, and is a rich setting. You will have to lean the engine from this point as you drive the car.

To set the idle mixture needle, which is the screw in the center of the carburetor body on the side opposite to the slide valve, you start out by turning it counter-clockwise until the head of the screw sticks out just a bit from the edge of the tube. Now turn it clockwise until it's just flush, and then back it out one and one-half turn. This is the correct initial setting. If the head of the screw is below the edges of the tube, it's too lean, and you'll have problems.

When you start the car, you can leave the clip-on battery attached to the glow plug for some initial running. As you run the car, it will be a bit rough. Adjust the high-speed needle until it just stops running rough. You can then adjust the idle mixture needle and the carburetor throttle opening until you can have the car stopped, but with the engine running smoothly. If you release the brake or stop holding onto the car, it may tend to ease forwards, just like a full-size automobile with an automatic transmission. This tells you that you have the correct setting.

Now go out and enjoy running your Duratrax R/C gas car with your Torq engine!

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