What's the proper way to start a Torq engine?

Starting your Torq engine is not difficult, but it does take some preparation. First, make sure you have fuel that is clean and fresh. Old fuel will cause problems because some of the ingredients can have evaporated, and it could have absorbed moisture from the air in the bottle. Make sure you have a good glow plug and starting battery. The glow plug should glow bright orange when you attach the battery. Finally, make sure your engine has good compression. It should make a good "pop" when you pull the starter.

Make sure your carburetor is correctly-set at the initial settings. See the section on "Setting your carburetor" in the Troubleshooting guide.

Turn on your radio system, both the transmitter and the system in the car. Leave the throttle in the idle position.

Pump the primer pump until fuel just gets to the carburetor, and then give it one more pump.

Pull the starter cord several times to work the fuel into the engine, but don't attach the battery during this procedure.

Now attach the battery and give the starter several short, brisk pulls. The engine should fire and start running. You may need an assistant to "blip" the throttle trigger on the transmitter to keep the engine running.

If the engine won't fire, remove the glow plug battery and give the primer one more pump. Pull the starter several times, attach the battery and give it some more short, brisk pulls.

Your engine should fire and run.

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