What fuel should I use in my Torq engine?

Your Duratrax Torq engine will run on many model fuels. Duratrax Red Alert fuel is one of them, and is an excellent fuel to use. We use it all the time in our models.

You can also use any one of the so-called "Model Airplane" fuels as well. The main difference between an "airplane" fuel and a "car" fuel is the oil content, which will require you to set your high-speed and low-speed needles differently. The "airplane" fuels usually contain more oil in their mixture. If you also fly model airplanes, you really don't have to buy a different fuel. Your engine will run perfectly well on the typical "airplane" fuel, but may not have as much power as it would if you run Duratrax Red Alert fuel.

One characteristic of model fuel is that it will absorb moisture from the air. As you use the fuel in the jug, the fuel you've used is replaced with air. Moisture in that air will be drawn into the fuel. If the air is very humid, and the fuel's had a long time to sit, the moisture in the fuel will make it go bad. Your engine will then tend to run hot, and idle and accelerate poorly.

Fuel can also become contaminated. Dirt is the usual contamination. You can usually prevent contaminating your engine by using a fuel filter between your fuel jug and your car's fuel tank. A fuel filter in the fuel line to the engine is also a good idea.

If your fuel has never been opened, but has been in storage a long time, it also may not be any good, and should be discarded. This is true especially if it's been exposed to light or has gone through temperature extremes.

If your fuel is cloudy, or has a lot of tiny flakes floating in it, it's definitely bad, and should be discarded.

Do not discard fuel by pouring it out on the ground or flushing it down a sink or toilet. Model fuel contains additives that are poisonous, including methanol, nitromethane, and lubricating oils. You can dispose of bad fuel through a local waste recycler, paint shop, or your waste carrier. You may be required to pay a fee to dispose of the material.

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