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I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

How do I purchase replacement parts for my Duratrax vehicle?

Each and every part in your Duratrax vehicle is available for purchase through your favorite hobby shop. Your vehicle's parts list/exploded view provides the exact part #s you will need to order. Please note that your vehicle's exploded view has "key numbers" (little circled numbers) that reference the individual items used to build. Please look to the actual parts listing in the back of the exploded view to find the actual stock # that includes that particular key #. For example, key # 68, is the wheel shaft for the Maximum ST, which is part of stock # DTXC8900.

How do I purchase replacement parts for my Duratrax Car Accessories?

Some parts are available for your items through your favorite hobby shop. For example, the replacement flywheel assembly for the Duratrax 1/8 Scale Starter Box is DTXP5002. Please visit your favorite hobby shop and ask them to check to see if the specific replacement item you need is available. Most service items for electronics should only be replaced by factory trained technicians. If, for example, you need the switch replaced in your Piranha Charger, please send it to our service center for service.

I live in the U.S. and need to have my Duratrax product serviced. Where do I send it?

Please refer to our Repair Services page for the shipping address and instructions.

I've lost the manual for my Duratrax vehicle. How can I replace it?

All Duratrax vehicle manuals are currently available online. They are also available as regular stocked items which your favorite dealer can order for you. Please be sure to order both the manual and the parts list/exploded view so you have everything you need to maintain your vehicle.

Please explain your warranty coverage.

Any Stress-Tech plastic part that breaks during the first 12 months you own it will be replaced free of charge! This warranty is available only from us, not from your dealer.

As with any company's warranty, the warranty period starts from the date of original purchase. Strictly speaking, an item sent for warranty service must include a proof of purchase date. This eliminates any questions about the warranty period and its expiration. Unfortunately, this includes items received as gifts. If an item is purchased by another individual, hopefully you will have no problems in obtaining a receipt to validate a warranty claim, or that individual can send it to us for warranty coverage. Items that are purchased used will have no warranty, neither will an unused item sold to a second owner, unless the original purchase date can be proved. A warranty is only to the original purchaser. A bill of sale between individuals is not considered a valid purchase receipt.

If you believe you have an item which warrants a warranty claim and you are in the U.S. (if you are outside the U.S. please contact the international contact in your region), please refer to our Repair Services page for the shipping address and instructions.

If you have any questions regarding warranty coverage, please do not hesitate to contact our warranty center, Hobby Services, at, or 217-398-0007 (M-F 9-5 Central Time) or fax at 217-398-7721.

I emailed a question to your product support address. How soon will I get an answer?

If you emailed our support teams, you should receive an automated response immediately or nearly immediately. (This automated response will inform you our normal response time is by the end of the next business day and provide you other important details to assist you.) If you did not receive a computer generated response within 24 hours, then something was wrong and your email was not received properly or there is something wrong with your reply to address set up in your email account. Please resend the email to us with a note that this is a second copy and please be SURE to provide us your full email address as well as at least one other means of daytime contact (phone, message #, fax, alternate email address).

I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

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