Brushless Programmable Electronic Speed Control

DE10 Brushless Programmable ESC

Versatile, race-legal — and programmable to the max!

The first brushless electronic speed control from Duratrax, the DE10 includes 19 programmable features — more than any other ESC, including higher-priced units.

Ideal for 1/10 scale on- and off-road models as well as short course racing, it can be used with sensored or sensorless brushless motors down to 5.5 turns. And if you run an RTR vehicle with a brushed motor, get this: The DE10 also works with brushed motors down to 4 turns, so you can install the DE10 today...and upgrade later to a brushless motor without changing ESCs!

All of these are programmable on the DE10:
Motor Type
Battery Type
Low Voltage Cut-Off
Power Curve
Advanced Timing
Start Power
Start Current Limiter
Current Limiter
Reverse Lockout
Reverse Delay
Neutral Width
Motor Direction
Speed Mixing Brake
ABS Brake
Auto Brake
Minimum Brake
Maximum Brake
Factory Reset

Brushless ESC Digital Programmer

Unlike ESCs which identify functions with color-coded LEDs, the Digital Programmer simply spells them out for fast, easy reference.

DE10 Brushless Programmable ESC

Goes anywhere — and makes ESC set-up a snap.

Inexpensive and easy to use, the Brushless ESC Digital Programmer is a perfect companion to the DE10. You'll make the most of the DE10's impressive functionality, speed and simplify its programming, and store critical vehicle performance data for post-race analysis. Using this pocket-sized programmer, even new drivers will feel like pros!

Stock Numbers:
DTXM1300 DE10 Brushless Programmable ESC
DTXM1350 Brushless ESC Digital Programmer