DTX4200 Batteries (DTXC2146, DTXC2147, and DTXC2163) Tech Notice

Posted: September 28, 2007; updated October 8, 2007

A small quantity of the packs listed above which were shipped from our Champaign, Illinois warehouse after March 13th, 2007 might have difficulty storing their rated capacity, or maintaining a proper operating voltage. Such packs might also become unusually warm during charge. The cell engineers have investigated this issue, and assure that newly produced packs sold after June 1st 2007 are proving to have the great capacity and performance that customers demand.

If such a battery purchased after March 13th, 2007 has been used regularly with no known difficulties as explained above there may be no cause for concern, but do continue to monitor pack condition closely.

Please carefully monitor the condition of all such batteries. Do not charge them at currents greater than 4 amps. It's recommended to use a good quality peak detection charger. If possible, use a charger which has a temperature sensor and set the maximum allowable cut-off temperature to 120°F. As always, charge the battery in a safe location.

If such a battery exhibits any of the difficulties explained above, or other problems, or if there is a general concern about using the battery, promptly return it to Hobby Services for replacement.

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