IntelliPeak Chargers
Tech Notice

Note #1 - Digital (DTXP4130) charger: The maximum reading the LCD will show is "1999". During discharge, any battery which delivers over 1999mAh of capacity will cause the LCD reading to reset to "0000" after showing "1999". In this case, the "0000" reading should be treated as if it were saying "2000". The unit will continue to measure discharge capacity until the battery is discharged. When finished, simply add the final numerical reading shown on the LCD to 2000 to acheive the final discharge reading. For example, if the LCD reaches "1999", resets to "0000" and continues counting up to "233", add 2000+233 to get the final discharge capacity of 2233mAh. Monitoring the LCD periodically during discharge will be necessary. Failure to notice a "1999" prior to observing a reading of "451", for example, will make it impossible to know if the final discharge capacity was 451 or 2451. These rules must be followed again for batteries having capacities of 3000mAh or more, as this situation will occur again as the battery reaches 3000mAh of disharge capacity. We regret this inconvenience.

Note #2 - All chargers: The blinking "peak" LED means the pack is approaching full charge; however, the pack IS NOT PEAKED and the charge cycle IS NOT FINISHED until the "slow charge" LED is lit.

Note #3 - All chargers: IntelliPeak chargers are mainly designed for sub-C and larger size cells. Great care should be exercized when charging smaller size cells, such as "A", "AA" or "AAA" cells. The IntelliPeak Twin has a specific function for charging transmitter sized cells.